About Us

Sustainable Surrounds was founded in 2012 after Jasper completed his study in landscape Architecture to enable artistic engagement with the built environment.



Jasper James Lumiere

Inspired to create a solid foundation of knowledge and experience Jasper has worked throughout the industry for 12 years for organisations such as CERES (centre for education and research in environmental strategies) Australian Ecosystems and Heirloom Garden Design in construction, horticulture, permaculture, park and garden management,  nursary work, bush regeneration and landscape design in domestic commercial and business settings.

Jasper has studied Landscape architecture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology completing a Bachelor of Design in Landscape architecture and has a Permaculture Design Certificate attained through Australian permaculture College 


Jzhonnie Bechet Lumiere

Jzhonnies unique approach is driven by her inspired combination of skills drawn from travel, film, fashion, styling and events. Jzhonnie is a designer and creator specialising in home and event styling.